Twitter Logo Tutorial

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This is the logo reduced to 150 x 173

This is the logo reduced to 150 x 173

Open a new file, I used a rather large 800 x 600 file with a transparent background.

Copy and paste the bird.gif into the file and place it more or less centre of the canvas.

Now duplicate the bird layer, and make the bottom layer active, turning off the visibility of the copy.

With the magic wand, select the head and body of the bird (not the wings, beak or claws), go to Select>Modify>Expand, and set to 1px. Apply a blue linear gradient using the following settings, in the direction shown:

Bird Gradient Settings

Gradient Direction

For the next 2 steps, in the same way, select each wing individually, expand the selection and apply the following linear gradient:

Wing Gradient Settings

birdwinggraddirection Wing Gradient Direction

Now select the beak, expand by 1px and fill with the following linear gradient:

Beak Gradient Settings

Beak Gradient Direction

Now select the three claws of one foot, expand the selection by 1px and fill with the same linear gradient in the direction as shown below. Then do the same for the other foot.

Claw Gradient Direction Claw Gradient Direction

Make the bird copy visible and merge the layers (ctrl + Shift + E)

Duplicate the layer, turn off the visibility of the bottom layer and make the copy (top layer) active.

By your chosen method, delete everything but the beak and it’s black lines.


Now add a drop shadow by double clicking the layer on the layer palette to bring up the blending options box, with settings as follows:

Beak Shadow Settings

Create a new layer between the 2 existing layers, set foreground colour to #F9C5DB. Select the brush tool and use a soft round brush set to 30px.  Position the circle just over the black line of the bird’s beak, and click the mouse once.  Repeat on the other side.

Go to Filter>Blur<Gaussian Blur and set to around 7.0.

Create a new layer above that layer and set foreground colour to #F9D7E5. Select the brush tool and use a soft round brush, size 19px. Position the circle in the same place as before and click once on both sides of the beak.  Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and set to 3.0.

Merge these 2 layers together, and set the layer mode to Hard Light.

Now merge all 3 layers together (Ctrl + Shift + E)

Open the scroll.gif and paste it into your project.  Put the layer under the bird layer, and place the scroll ‘in his claws’.

Merge layers (Ctrl + Shift + E)

Select the Polygon tool and in ‘paths’ mode, drag out a 5-sided polygon around the bird’s head as shown here:

Polygon Placement

NOTE: The next step is only possible in PS CS2 and above.

Select the text tool and click on the point at the top of the polygon. Set foreground colour to #7DF8EE, and I used font: Alba, available free from

Type your text, then select the e of ‘me’ and the o of ‘on’, and reduce the kerning as shown here:

Kerning Settings

When you are happy with the text, Ctrl+click on the layer to accept the text, then right click on the layer and select Rasterize Layer – the polygon should disappear.

Now using Transform (Ctrl + T), move and rotate your text so it fits nicely above the bird’s head.

Double click on the text layer to bring up the blending options and add a stroke and bevel as below:

Stroke Settings

Bevel Settings

That is the project finished – I added a grey background to show up the white stroke on the text.

Finished Project

Finished Project

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