Stained Glass Photo Effect

This will be the finished result:

Stained Glass Photos Effect

Click on the image for full size view


Open the photograph you will be using (of landscape orientation for this tutorial)

Image>Image Size – set the width to 800px, auto height, click OK


Edit>Copy (Ctrl + C)

Create a new file 1000 x 800, 72px resolution, white background

Edit>Paste (Ctrl + V)


I applied the following settings, but you may have to adjust them a little depending on your photo:

Glass Filter Settings

Duplicate the layer

Working on the copy layer

Set the foreground colour to white

Filter>Texture>Stained Glass – apply the following settings:

Stained Glass Filter Settings

Select the Magic Wand Tool, and holding down the Shift Key, select all the coloured parts of the stained glass effect, just leaving the framework, hit the delete key

Segments Selection

Ctrl + D to deselect

Duplicate the layer

Working on the copy layer

Ctrl + Click on the thumbnail in the layers palette to select the pixels

Set the foreground colour to black

Edit>Fill>Foreground Color – click OK

Double click on the layer in the layers palette to bring up the blending options and apply the following Bevel & Emboss and Outer Glow settings:

Bevel & Emboss Settings

Outer Glow Settings

Make the original frame layer active

Select the Move Tool

Using the arrow keys, move the layer 1 pixel down and 1 pixel to the right

Turn off visibility of all but the 2 frame layers

Right click on either of the visible layers and click Merge Visible

Restore visibility to all layers

With the frame layer active, select the Magic Wand Tool and click in one of the shapes

Select>Modify>Expand – set to 1px, click OK

Make the photo layer active

Edit>Copy (Ctrl + C)

Edit>Paste (Ctrl + V)

Double click on the layer in the layers palette to bring up the blending options and apply the following Inner Glow settings:

Inner Glow Settings

This has to be repeated for all segments within the frame, BUT – the segments that touch the right edge and the bottom of the frame have to be selected using the Pen Tool or the Lasso Tool – then continue with the same method as above.

Turn off the visibility of the background layer

Right click on any visible layer and click Merge Visible

Select the Crop Tool and drag around the edge of the photo

Adjust the marquee so that none of the outside frame or shading is included

Double click inside the marquee to crop

Stained Glass Photos Effect

The finished project. Click on the image for full size view


5 Responses to “Stained Glass Photo Effect”

  1. I really enjoyed this tutorial. I should have kept some notes because I did do some things different—mostly, If I had to do the same thing more than once, I didn’t. I found a way to do it only once.
    I have found quite a few great tutorials and decided to start a design blog. I hope you won’t mind if I put your info up in the future. Had I thought of the blog idea sooner, I would definitely have kept notes but I’m sure people will find their own unique ways. Just having this technique is great for me.

    • I am very happy for you to include my tutorials on your blog, and will be interested to see how you can cut down the repetitive work as I would like to learn that!

  2. Thank you. I am enjoying the blog because I can get such a variety of designers listed. I was just thinking of this tutorial last night and thinking I would redo I so I can remember what I did. I’ll let you know and feel free to visit and share my blog:

  3. Just dropping a note to let you know I posted your tutorial with notes of what I did different.

  4. Pamela McVey Says:

    This is an incredible tutorial. I have followed it with ease, and got fantastic results.Thank you so very much.

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