Metal on Metal Text Tutorial


Riveted metal texture from stock xchng

Corrugated metal texture from stock xchng

Slant font from DaFont


This is the end result:

Metal on Metal Text


Start with a new file 800 x 500, 72 resolution

Open both the Riveted Metal texture and the Corrugated Roof texture.

With the Riveted Metal texture active, Image>Image Size – set width to 850, auto height.

Select>All, Edit>Copy, then make your blank canvas active, Edit>Paste.

Make the Corrugated Roof texture active, Image>Image Size – set width to 300, auto height. Copy and paste into your project as previously.

With the Corrugated Roof layer active, Ctrl+T to transform the image. Drag the bottom centre handle down to lengthen the image.

Corrugated Roof Texture

*Duplicate the layer and turn off the visibility of one of the Corrugated texture layers.

Select the text tool and Slant font, size around 200pt. Make black the foreground colour, and type your first letter.

Place the letter on the Corrugated Roof texture to your liking. Ctrl+Click on the thumbnail of the text layer in the layers palette to select the pixels.


Making sure the Corrugated Roof texture layer is active, hit the delete key.

Ctrl+D to deselect, then delete the text layer.

Double click on this layer in the layers palette to bring up the blending options and apply the following drop shadow and bevel & emboss settings:

Drop Shadow Settings

Bevel & Emboss Settings

Go to Filter>Distort>Ripple – set the amount to 45 and the size to small, click ok.**

Repeat from * to ** for all letters required.

The cutout letters are produced by applying the following inner shadow settings:

Inner Shadow Settings

When you are happy with your text, merge all the corrugated texture letters together, and then merge the cutout letters together.

Arrange the layers in the palette so that the corrugated texture text is above the cutout text.

Create a new layer between the text layers.

Select the pen tool and use the settings shown below:

Pen Tool Settings

Create an abstract, spiky shape that covers most of the canvas. Right click on the path, select Make Selection. Set foreground colour to #22BCC2, select the paint bucket tool and fill the selection, Ctrl + D to deselect.


Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur – set to around 50, click OK.

Change the layer mode to Multiply, then reduce the layer opacity to around 33%.

Finally crop the image to the required size.

Metal on Metal Text

The finished project


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