Gradients Sets: Create and Save


Pictures from stock.xchng

Swatches from

Color Wheel at


To create a set of gradients, you need a theme for the colour choices.

I used the theme of Autumn

At stock.xchng, search for your theme word and select some pictures that have a variety of colours relevant to your theme.

Open the pictures in Photoshop

Open a new document, size doesn’t matter, 72px resolution, white background

You can either try your new gradients out on the whole canvas, or apply a rectangle of your chosen size to a new layer

You will need to create a new layer and fill it with white if you are using the whole canvas.

Double click on the layer in the layers palette to bring up the blending options and click on Gradient Overlay.

Load a small set of gradients, eg Pastels, then right click on each gradient and click Delete Gradient

Delete Gradients

Click on the first stop of the gradient, then click on the colour swatch at the bottom of the palette:

First Stop

Use the dropper tool to select a dark colour from your photos:

Select Colour

Now select the last stop (Location 100%)

Use the dropper tool to select a light colour from your photos

Select the middle stop (Location 50%)

Select a mid colour from your photos

You should see the end result on your canvas.

If necessary adjust the colours to improve the gradient according to your requirements

When the gradient is as you require, give it a name and click New:

Name the Gradient

To find the colours required using the other methods mentioned in the resources, go to the Kuler site

Enter a search word relevant to your theme

When you have found a swatch you can work with, click on the small box shown below:

Kuler Select Swatch

You can now swap the colours around in the swatch by clicking on one and dragging it to the next one:

Kuler Swap Colours

Use the sliders underneath the colours to adjust them to your own requirements:

Kuler Adjust Sliders

When you are happy with the colours, note the Hex number of each colour:

Kuler Hex Number

In Photoshop, create the gradient the same way as previously, but putting in the Hex numbers for each colour.

Adjust the colours to your liking as before

Give the gradient a name, and click New

To use the Color Scheme Designer, click on a colour relevant to your scheme.

You will be shown a swatch and a layout of colours for web page design:

Color Scheme Designer Layout

If you hover your mouse over any of the colour on the right of the screen you will see the Hex number for that colour:

Color Scheme Designer Hex Number

Choose 3 colours from the swatches and note the Hex numbers

In Photoshop, create the gradient the same way as previously

Adjust the colours to you liking

Give the gradient a name and click New

Continue using any or all of these methods of colour selection – or of course, your own method, until you have as many gradients as required in the set

In the Gradient Editor, click on Save:

Save Gradient Set

You will be taken to the Photoshop Gradients folder, where you must name the set.

Each time you open Photoshop now, that set of gradients will be available from the drop-down list.

Below are the two gradient sets I created: Autumn Gradients and Opposites Gradients. To find a colour’s opposite, fill a rectangle or a layer with a colour


The fill will change to the opposite colour

Autumn Gradients

Opposites Gradients

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