Fonts – Getting it Right

There are times when a font you never thought you would use fits the bill perfectly – you will probably never use it again!

On the other hand, there are fonts you will use over and over again.

So what makes a font right for the job?

It is most definitely in the eye of the beholder, or in the creativity of the designer.

As a designer, you can spend hours looking for the right font for the job in hand, or you can fall upon it almost immediately – sometimes you know what you want, but it either doesn’t exist or you really can’t find it, then you simply have to rethink the design in general, or if you are so inclined, create the font yourself.

The right font for the job is probably the most important part of any design, and I defy any designer to be able to honestly say they have got it right every time!

Apart from the known ‘good typography’ fonts such as Helvetica, Myriad Pro, Gill Sans, etc., I would like to suggest that all fonts are ‘good’ in the right setting – and I know I will face serious opposition to that statement.

Here is a list of 20 of the fonts I have recently used – they are all free and downloadable, and they have all worked well for me, but I am sure you will clearly see that not one of them could work for every project!

After the font list, I list the tutorials where I have used the fonts.

Curly Joe

Curly Joe Font


Hole-Hearted Font


28 Days Later Font

Planet Benson

Planet Benson Font

File Font

File Font


Adrenaline:Zero Font

Red Circle

Red Circle Font

Chocolate Box

Chocolate Box Font

Jellyka Castle’s Queen Font

Jellyka Castle's Queen Font

Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly

Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly Font


Florencesans Font

Wolf’s Bane

Wolf's Bane Font

Fashion Victim

Fashion Victim Font


Alba Font

One Fell Swoop

One Fell Swoop Font


Blossom Font


Technovia Font


Basic Font

Vtks Mercearia

Vtks Mercearia Font

Hard Rock

Hard Rock Font

Tutorials using the listed fonts:

Curly Joe Font: Christmas Design / Eroded Text Effect

Hole-Hearted Font: Stupid Cupid Design

28-Days-Later Font: 3D Grunge Text

Planet Benson Font: Create an Action

File Font: Deep Bevelled Text

Adrenaline:Zero Font: Dirty Graffiti Text

Red Circle Font: Edged Text

Chocolate Box Font: Glowing Text

Jellyka Castle’s Queen Font: Grunge Valentine’s Design

Florencesans Font: Retro Dirty Text

Wolf’s Bane Font: Retro Ornamental Text

Fashion Victim Font: Retro Picture Frame

Alba Font: Shining Glitter Text

One Fell Swoop Font: Spherised Text Effect

Blossom Font: Stylised Flower Background

Technovia Font: Text Effect

Basic Font: Tiled Text Effect

Vtks Mercearia Font: Grunge & Swirls Text

Hard Rock Font: Abstract Design

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