Christmas Poinsettia Decoupage


28 Days Later Font from DaFont

Each layer of the poinsettia is available in .gif format if you don’t wish to cut the layers out yourself. Click on the name below to access the image. In Flickr, click on All Sizes, then click on Download the Large Size.



This will be the finished result:

Christmas Poinsettia Decoupage


Open a new file, 800 x 800, 72px resolution.

Fill the background with green #3B9623

Select the Text Tool and 28 Days Later Font, size around 100px, foreground colour red #E23C3C.

Set the kerning and leading so the text fills the background to your liking.

Text Settings

Create a new layer. Set the foreground colour to dark green #23750D.

Select the Brush Tool, set to Chalk 44 and apply the following settings using the brush options palette:

Brush Tip Shape Settings

Brush Shape Dynamics Settings

Brush Scattering Settings

Set the opacity to 75% and the Flow to 17%. Run the brush across and up and down the canvas a few times.

Right click on any layer and click on Merge Visible.

Copy and paste the Poinsettia 1 image into the canvas.

Double click on the layer in the layers palette to bring up the blending options and apply the following Drop Shadow and Outer Glow settings:

Drop Shadow Settings

Outer Glow Settings

*Copy and paste the Poinesettia 2 image into the canvas. You will probably have to align it with the first image – do this by selecting the move tool and using the arrow keys to get is as close as possible to the layer below.

With the move tool still selected and using the arrow keys, move the image 8 pixels up and 8 pixels left.

Copy and paste the layer style from the previous layer**

Repeat from * to ** until all 6 Poinsettia images are used, have the layer style applied, and are 8 pixels up and left of the previous layer.

Turn off the visibility of the background layer, right click on any of the poinsettia layers and click on Merge Visible.

Using the rectangular marquee tool, and with the ribbons image active, select one ribbon, copy and paste into the canvas. If necessary, drag the layer down below the flower.

Ctrl + T to transform the image and rotate the ribbon to your liking, and tuck the end under the flower.

Repeat this step for all ribbons.

Double click on one of the ribbon layers to bring up the blending options and apply the following Drop Shadow settings:

Drop Shadow Settings

Right click on the layer in the layers palette and click on Copy Layer Style.

Right click on all the other ribbon layers and Paste Layer Style.

Create a new layer. Select the Brush Tool and the Assorted Brushes set. Select Starburst-Small 50, Opacity 100%, Flow 100%. Make the foreground colour white.

Add a starburst at each ‘shiny’ point of each ribbon.

Either merge all layers or flatten the image, and you’re done!

Christmas Poinsettia Decoupage

The finished project


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