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404 Error Pages – 30+ Examples

Posted in Lists on June 3, 2010 by Carol

When you have been trawling around the internet for hours researching or searching, it is quite likely you will make a mistake inputting a website address, or somehow get lost on a site. How lovely, under those circumstances, to be directed to a custom 404 error page that makes you smile or think ‘that’s a bit different’.

I was very surprised to discover, from compiling this list, that so many graphic design websites and trendsetting companies don’t have an inspiring 404 error page.

It is considered politically correct to never blame your visitor for straying off course, although, of course, the fault could lie with them, or could be due to a broken link. However, these days some sites lay the blame entirely at the feet of the visitor, flying in the face of convention – and those are usually the funniest 404 error pages.

This list is made up of more than 30 individually designed 404 error pages, some are clever, some are funny and some are just better than a blank white page declaring 404 Error page not found!

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