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Comparing Victorian Art and Digital Art

Posted in Comparisons on March 16, 2010 by Carol

The Victorians were very much a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ culture – very hypocritical. To the Victorians appearances were everything, and art was part of that doctrine. Art went through a few changes during the Victorian era; the main change was that of decorative art becoming available to and affordable by the commoners. Previously only the aristocracy and royalty would have any form of decorative art in their homes. This major change can be attributed to the Industrial Revolution giving the masses better incomes and more disposable cash, and the Arts and Crafts Movement that created appeal for the taste of the common people.

In this article, I am looking briefly at the Victorian Fairy School, Arts and Crafts Movement/Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and Portraiture. Links are supplied for further reading on all subjects and artists.

With each Victorian painting, I have put a Digital Art comparison. I am presuming that we are currently in the Digital Art Movement, and it is certain that there will be very many good examples to lead us into the future of art and whatever trends the future methods, software and technology will head us into from here

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