Art Deco Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to draw the frame, create the corner fans and create a deco-ish text effect, using Art Deco colours. Always a popular style, there are many Art Deco-type fonts available for free download, and you can probably use any of them to achieve a similar effect.

Art Deco Text

Click on the image for full size view


Evanescence Font from


Step 1

Open a new file 1000 x 800, 72ppi resolution, white background

Fill the background with black

Step 2

Place guidelines as shown below:


NOTE: I have my rulers set to pixels, so that is what is shown in the above screenshot.

Select the Line tool, set the width to 3px, foreground colour white

Use the guides to draw lines as shown below

TIP: Hold down the shift key while drawing the line to keep it straight

Draw Lines

Now get rid of the guides – the corners may need to be tidied up, so zoom into the image and use a square brush to do that

Your image should now look like this:


Rename the layer ‘Frame’

Step 3

Create a new layer

Select the Custom Shape tool and select Registration Target 2, foreground colour #F6AE7F

Set the size of the shape as below:

Shape Fixed Size Settings

Click once on the canvas to create the shape

Using your preferred method, delete all but 10 segments of the target (I used the pen tool to select all that I didn’t require, made into a selection and deleted the selection):

Fan 1

Now delete the outside line between the segments:

Fan 2

Rename this layer ‘Fan’

Step 4

Drag the Fan layer below the Frame layer

Place the fan as shown below:

Fan Placement

Merge the two layers together, make sure the merged layer is called ‘Frame’

Step 5

Turn off the visibility of the Frame layer and the background layer

Select the Type tool, Evanescence font, size 300px, foreground colour black

Type your required words each on a separate layer

Right click on each text layer in the layers palette and click Rasterize Type

Optional Step

This next step is down to personal preference: I wanted the first T of the word Text to be in front of the word Deco and the last T to be behind it, so I duplicated the layer containing the word Text, deleted the Tex from one of the layers and deleted the last T from the other layer (doing it this way keeps it all in place without the need for realignment)

Step 6

Double click on any of the text layers in the layers palette to bring up the blending options and apply the following Color Overlay and Bevel & Emboss settings:

Blending Options

Step 7

Using the Move tool, arrange your text as required, also arranging the order of the layers in the layers palette to obtain the required effect.

Merge all text layers together

Rename this merged layer ‘Text’

Step 8

Restore visibility to all layers

Duplicate the Frame layer

Ctrl + T to transform the object

Right click within the transform box and click Flip Horizontal

Place the two halves to make the top part of the frame

Merge the two layers together

Duplicate the layer

Ctrl + T to transform the object

Right click within the transform box and click Flip Vertical

Move the frame to the bottom of the text, keeping it in line with the top frame

Reduce the layer opacity of both frame layers to 85%

Art Deco Text

Click on the image for full size view


4 Responses to “Art Deco Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Step 2: “Place guidelines”… do you draw those blue lines in, or is there a “place guidelines” option I’m missing somewhere?

    • To place guidelines, select the Move tool and place the arrow in the ruler part of the canvas, click and drag across from the side ruler or down from the top ruler and you will drag guides out. Hold the Ctrl button to place the guides precisely. You can choose the colour of the guidelines by going to Edit>Preferences>Guides Grid Slices & Count.

  2. TR Wolf Says:

    Ignore my previous post!

    Here’s my finished result

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